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Top 6 drinks for health and beauty

Having these drinks every day, you’re not only going to get a wonderful look and figure, but also forget about the diseases! Here is a list of the most useful drinks:

  • Green tea is a leader of our list. Green tea cleans the body and gets rid of toxins, due to the large amount of antioxidants, phytoestrogens and flavonoids. All these combined give us a radiance and ease.
  • Peppermint tea soothes the nervous system, improves sleep, relieves pain and fatigue, has a good effect on digestion and relieves irritability.
  • Orange juice – number one for our immunity, protects us from eye diseases and oncology. Due to vitamin C effect improves health and restores the beauty of skin, nails and hair.
  • Cranberry juice lowers “bad” cholesterol, treats gum diseases, protects us from gastrointestinal infections and urinary tract diseases.
  • Tomato juice – the best cure for cardiovascular diseases, as well as a preventative measure against diseases of internal organs.
  • Cocoa and hot chocolate give us a good mood, relieve spleen, fill us with energy and help in fighting heart diseases.